Friday, 11 September 2015

Heyland & Whittle Clementine and Prosecco Scented Candle

Now that the evenings are getting darker the house is getting cosier. My fireplace is adorned with candles which flicker gently while the rain beats down outside. A cup of tea and slice of cake is what completes my ideal lazy night in.

A new candle by Heyland & Whittle has been burning pride of place on my mantlepiece for the last couple of weeks. The company's Clementine and Prosecco candle is quite simply one of the best candle fragrances I have tried in a long time. 

This is what Heyland & Whittle had to say about their new scent: "With top notes of clementine, sparkling wine, yellow apple and pear, incorporated with middle notes of apricot, peach, plum, and a base note of sugar and dry fruits. 

"This sweet yet welcomingly sharp fragrance offers the best balance in filling your space with elegance."

In the tin the candle smells exactly how I would expect. Mouth watering fruit blended with the fizzy bubbles is divine. The way the company has captured the accurate scent of prosecco amazes me.

Once lit the candle filled my whole living room with a sweet fragrance which wasn't too sickly or over powering. 

This is just one scent Heyland & Whittle offers. They stock a huge variety of scents including Earl Grey, Citrus and Lavender as well as Wild Lemongrass. There are candles in tins which are ideal for travel, candles in glass tumblers as well as reed diffusers. The company also sells soaps, washes and lotions.   

I was sent a sample of the Clementine and Prosecco candle for review, the 180g tin costs £12 while the same scent in a glass tumbler costs £22 for 220g.

What are your fav scents for autumn? 

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