Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Chocolate Teapot - North Devon Cafe

I love visiting new cafes and restaurants in my town and supporting independent businesses. Any new cafe which serves hearty portions of cake will grab my attention. After a bit of buzz on Facebook a new cafe called The Chocolate Teapot opened earlier this month.

It was this chocolate dipping platter which caught my eye.

This chocolate sharing platter (£4.95) came with a pot of white chocolate and milk chocolate sauce. The goodies to dip included flapjack, rice-crispy treats, marshmallows, strawberries, chocolate brownie, cinder toffee chunks and a chocolate pencil. 

The platter was lovely, just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth craving, it went down nicely with this hot chocolate which was around £2. 

The hot chocolate consisted of warm milk with liquid chocolate drizzled at the bottom of the glass. It came with a wooden spoon to stir the liquid chocolate with the milk to create a smooth, sweet and creamy drink. 

I also had a prawn sandwich before all the sweet treats (£3.95) while my husband had a toasted sandwich. An observation in terms of service was that it would have been nice to be offered condiments especially with the toasted sandwich. 

The cafe itself has lovely outside seating area which seemed popular with mums and pushchairs. We took Joshua down and sat outside to eat out lunch, he was happy watching the world go by before having his bottle. 

The Chocolate Teapot's menu has a lot of variety and there were some lovely fresh cakes on the counter to choose from. I was impressed they even had gluten free options which a lot of places don't cater for.

I am also eyeing up the Ultimate Hot Chocolate which consists of hot milk and a chocolate cup with Belgian chocolate buttons. You can melt the chocolate in the milk, this kind of DIY is right up my street. The drink also comes with fudge, salted caramel and chocolate as well as a biscuit and marshmallows. 

All in all a lovely place with friendly staff and wide variety of food, drink and delicious cakes.


  1. i love love looove the hot chocolate, i love he concept of it, it sll looks so yummy!


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