Monday, 13 July 2015

Dreamlights: Homemade candles

If you have been following my blog or Twitter account you will know of my love for candles. There is just something warm and soothing about having a candle flickering in the drawing room while you settle down to watch television. Some people only light candles when the nights are longer during those dreary winter months. I tend to light candles all year round and adjust the scents according to the seasons. 

I have been testing out a scented candle from an independent business called Dreamlights based in East Sussex.

I have been trying out the melon and cucumber scented candle which came in a pretty jam-jar style glass container with a screw fit lit. I have to admit the candle had a stronger smell from the jar itself compared to when lit. The aroma of the candle once lit was very subtle but might be stronger in a smaller room. 

I also noticed some odd pieces of red glitter at the bottom of the jar once the wax started to burn away, I wasn't sure if it was meant to be there distributed among the entire candle or not. 

The packaging itself is simple and minimal so it would make a lovely decorative piece in the home. All the scented candles have different colour wax which is a nice touch if you wanted to have several of these candles on display.

Dreamlights sell a variety of scents to suit all tastes, I like the sound of their latest scents which include salted caramel, lemon and lavender and rose and marshmallow. 

The company also sells wax melts in a range of scents as well. 

Dreamlights have items to suit all budgets. Candle jars are £5.75, large melts are £1.25, melt bars are £2.50 and sample tins are £1.25.

The company also sell teacup candles which are one of my favourite items on their website. Hand poured candles inside a china teacup would make a great gift for someone. Their blue teacup candle costs £9. 

Dreamlights also sell some gorgeous shabby chic gifts such as collages and hanging heart decorations. 

(Candle sent for review) 

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