Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Gosh Holographic (549) nail polish jewellery

You might have seen my previous post where I made some earrings and a ring using nail polish. With the summer sun coming out to play I had to try and make some jewellery using holographic nail polish.

I used the original Gosh Holographic 549 to create these stud earrings. 

Gosh Holographic 549 was the original polish the company released. It was a highly sought after varnish and bottles of it were being auctioned on ebay for £££. Crazy. Gosh later brought out a newer version called Holographic Hero which is still readily available in Superdrug stores. Gosh nail polish usually retails at around the £4/£5 mark. 

It is funny how people are prepared to fork out a pile of cash for a product on ebay. Mind you, I think the most I paid for a rare/discontinued polish was around £20 for an OPI holographic polish.

Nail polish lovers out there will know when the sun shines you grab your holographic polishes and wear them with pride. In the shade holographics don't tend to look like anything special, but in the sunlight they dazzle a rainbow of colours.

These earrings were made with two coats of Gosh Holographic 549 and sealed with a coat of a black nail paint by Barry M.

These images don't do the jewellery justice. As usual with pictures of holographic nail polish, the colour is more vibrant and intense in real life. 

Gosh Holographic 549 is a linear holographic and is one of the strongest holos I have in my collection. A true beauty but it has terrible wear time. It chips easily and is tricky to apply but it is worth it for such a stunning polish. 

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