Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Aromatherapy Associates: Mattifying Deep Cleanse Face Wash

I have never been a facewipe kinda gal. I much prefer to wash my face with washes and I tend to sway between three products. 

The washes I flit between are Estee Lauder foaming face wash, Benefit Foamingly clean face wash and Aromatherapy Associates: Mattifying Deep Cleanse Face Wash.

All three of my favorite face washes are fairly expensive, but I find they really do work wonders and last a long, long time.

Aromatherapy Associates: Mattifying Deep Cleanse Face Wash costs £25 but a little goes a long way. The gel texture is light and fresh, removes make-up without stripping my skin. 

I only need one, maybe two pumps of product to clean my face and neck. The gel turns into a slight foam consistency when combined with water. The wash contains lavender and tea tree and smells divine, almost like being in a spa. 

Have you tried anything from Aromatherapy Associates? Let me know your favorite products, I am always on the look out for new things to try out.

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