Thursday, 13 November 2014

BOSTON TEA PARTY: Eggs Royale, zucchini fritters, pancakes with maple syrup and bacon

Do you go to a cafe or restaurant in your home town and, without fail, order the same dishes? That is certainly true for me at Boston Tea Party in Barnstaple, North Devon.

This charming cafe makes the best coffees in town, in my opinion. It is where I discovered my love for Chinese Gunpowder green tea as well. When I go for brunch I always order eggs royale which is smoked salmon and poached eggs on muffins with a generous helping of creamy, zesty hollandaise sauce. 

My mum had the pancakes, maple syrup and bacon, I had a sneaky bite, they were tasty!

I also have Boston Tea Party to thank for my love of zucchini fritters (or courgette fritters). This cafe serves them with a delicious harissa mayo.

Boston Tea Party does a wide range of food and afternoon cakes. I have always had my eye on the portobello mushroom burger with gruyer, courgette fritters, tarragon ailoi and side salad. 

The prices are also brilliant for when you are on a budget. Let's face it, a delicious, hot and filling meal out is always better when it doesn't leave your purse trembling. This portobello mushroom burger costs £7.95.

Eggs royale is £6.95, the scotch pancakes are £6.25, while the fritters are £2.75.

For me, Boston Tea Party is just one of those places were you can sit, unwind, and watch the world go by.

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