Sunday, 18 May 2014

Lotil - Seriously Good Foot Care with Aloe Vera

I hope everyone had a good weekend? The sun has been out in North Devon all weekend which meant I headed for the beach, relaxed and ate way too much. 

Since the summer is on its way I am dusting off the flipflops and sparkly strappy sandals. My poor feet have been neglected during the last few months tucked away. You know the drill, dry skin, unpolished toe nails....

Let's face it, nobody really likes feet, they aren't the most attractive of body parts. There are ways to make yours look and feel good in those summer sandals though. 

After using my Ped Egg to banish dry skin on my cracked heels (yuck) I file my nails and paint them, at the moment I am using Blueberry Icecream by Barry M. Once the nail polish is dry I use Lotil's Seriously Good Foot Care.

This foot cream is thick but not greasy, so it is good to slather on in the morning after the shower, but I also use it at night. This lotion helps to soften stubborn hard and dry skin. This is what Lotil has to say about the product:

"Lotil Foot Cream is the latest addition to the Lotil range. It is a rich, moisturising formula that penetrates deep into the skin to nourish, seal in moisture and soften hard, dry skin.

Lotil Foot Cream also contains added Rosemary Extract, a highly effective anti-oxidant that protects and softens the skin, and Aloe Vera, well known for its moisturising and soothing properties as well as its anti-inflammatory benefits."

I am now on the hunt for a good body lotion, any recommendations?
Enjoy the sun!

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