Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Genie Lip Paint - Barry M - colour changing lip stick

Long-time no post.

I am having a stressful few weeks moving house but I will get back into a regular posting pattern soon.

Remember when the Molecule 1 perfume hit the shelves? The perfume which smells different on everyone because it adapts to your body?

Well the clever folks at Barry M have brought out a lipstick which changes colour based on the alkali in your lips.

Don’t be fooled by the neon green bullet, once applied the colour changes to a shade of pink to suit your skin tone.

Barry M claims their Genie Lip Paint will last eight hours and is an improved formula from the Touch of Magic lip paint.

This lippie is in Boots store across the UK now and will be stocked in Superdrug stores from June 4.

The product will cost £4.49, will you be giving it a go?


  1. I quite like the original Touch of Magic lip paint (when I read this, I thought "didn't they already do this years ago?!") - I find it has really great lasting power, so am interested to see how they've improved on it.
    Laura | gibbigan x

  2. I too thought that they had released this ages ago.. if you've happened to have tried the original - I was wondering whether you could comment on how the two compare?

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita


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