Saturday, 25 January 2014

Paul's Boutique 24/7 - A £10 Perfume

Usually when I buy a new fragrance I do my research, take my time, try a few testers or samples, before heading to the checkout - especially with a more pricey item. However, when I was in town last week I saw a selection of perfumes on sale in Superdrug and grabbed a cheeky purchase.

I bought Paul's Boutique 24/7 perfume for £10 reduced from £20. This purchase was a bit of a gamble because there weren't any testers, I didn't know what this perfume would even smell like. 

This was my first Paul's Boutique purchase - luckily I love the smell! It is light but not overly sickly sweet and it lasted all day. I also really like the metallic bottle, I don't own anything else like it - it makes a nice change from the usual glass perfume bottles.

This would make a brilliant birthday gift for a friend - or a weekend treat for yourself, either way this perfume costs £10, you cant grumble at that.

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