Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas at Lush

North Devon does not have a Lush shop so my bubble bar and bath bomb purchases are few and far between.
I dropped in the Exeter branch after the South West Bloggers Meet on Saturday. 
All the Christmas goodies were proudly on display, I couldn't resist picking up a few pieces.

I picked up Christmas Eve bubble bar, Love Lettuce fresh facemask, Golden Wonder bath bomb, Shoot For the Stars bath bomb, Comforter bubble bar and Magic Wand bubble bar.

I know the facemask and Comforter bubble bar are not Christmas items but they are goodies I have used before and fancied a little treat.

First up we have the Magic Wand and Christmas Eve bubble bars. Swirl the Magic Wand bubble bar around in the bath water for a Snow Fairy scented bath. The good thing with this item is that you can get multiple uses out of it. Once you have used it keep it away from water and condensation and leave to dry for the next use. Magic Wand costs £4.95.

I used Christmas Eve bubble bar last year, my mum bought it for me and I loved the scent it gave off. Unlike the sweet scents like Snow Fairy, Christmas Eve is a far more calming scent. This costs £2.95.

Don't get me wrong, I love Lush products, I enjoy nothing more than a relaxing bubble bath with a cup of tea and reading a magazine. However, Lush goodies are pricey, so I never use a whole bubble bar or bath bomb in one go. Stingy perhaps, but I will ALWAYS cut the goodies up so I can get as many uses out of them as possible.

Next up is Love Lettuce fresh face mask, I can't remember how much this cost exactly but it was around the £5 mark.
This is my most repurchased fresh face mask. The reason I love it so much is because of the ground up pieces of almond in there - a face mask and exfoliant in one. I notice a huge difference in my skin after just one use. Straight away it is smoother and brighter. It is also a fantastic product if you suffer from pesky zits.

The next item I picked up is the Shoot For the Stars bath bomb, £3.25.
I grabbed this one after seeing some fantastic reviews on other people's blogs and Youtube videos. Easily persuaded I know.
I have not used this item before, but from what I have seen it turns your bath water different shades of purple and blue while silver glitter disperses around you.

Golden Wonder bath bomb £3.50..
I used this last year and to be honest loved the novelty of it! Shaped like a Christmas present, it also rattles when you give it a shake. The only downside with this is the amount of gold/orange staining it left in the bath tube. It smells delicious though. Definitely worth a try if you haven't used it before, it turns your bath water different colours. 

Last up is the Comforter bubble bar, £4.50.

This is one of the more expensive bubble bars, but it is huge - the picture doesn't do it justice. I can get at least six uses out of this. This one produces masses of of bubbles and smells divine, a warming scent, ideal for winter.


  1. I love Golden Wonder - as you say, for the novelty as much as anything! I also love the scent of the Comforter, but I always feel so guilty spending that much on a bubble bar!

    1. I know - that's why I break it up to make the most out of it x

  2. I love lush products, Christmas Eve smells amazing! Xx


  3. Ohh the face mask sounds LOVELY! :D


    1. It is brilliant, definitely the best one they do - in my opinion :-) x

  4. Aww YAY! You picked up some of my faves!Shoot for the stars and christmas Eve are gorgeous ! Enjoy sweety xxxx

  5. Aw these are so lovely. I love Lush. The magic wand looks amazing ♥


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