Monday, 25 November 2013

Bruzz - Antibacterial vanilla scented nail brush

Long before I began blogging there were certain bathroom essentials which were staples. Items including a bath puff, foot pumice and nail brush. All items I would buy constantly without thought. Recently I was sent a brand new (literally) nail brush by fledgling company Bruzz to try out. 

What makes this nail brush different from all the others I have tried is that it has three sets of bristles set at an angle which cleans the top of the nail as well as under the nail and the finger tip.

The antibacterial bristles are soft and flexible, which is ideal if you have a cut on your finger or a painful torn nail. I find traditional nail brush bristles too hard and can hurt if I have a paper cut or damaged cuticles.

Product description on the packaging is short and sweet: "The Bruzz cleans the top, underside and top of the nail in one action. It provides an enjoyable and pain free cleaning experience for the user.

"Unlike conventional nail brushes it is gentle to the nails and fingers. The Bruzz doubles up as a finger cleaner as well. By rotating the Bruzz you can thoroughly clean your entire finger, again in one action."

To me the bristles feel like a softer version of the bristles you get on a Tangle Teezer hair brush. To keep the Bruzz clean you can remove the black strip, give the product a clean and replace. 
The material the bristles are made from also means it will last longer than traditional plastic brush bristles. Bruzz also added a little something extra by making the product vanilla scented. Not an essential but it is attention to detail which makes all the difference.

When I first used the Bruzz I also found I didn't get any annoying soapy sprayback which I usually get from my nail brush. 
The Bruzz brush is new to the market having launched in the last few months. There are three colours to choose from, pink, blue and white. Each costs £11.95 with free UK delivery from the Bruzz website. Postage costs £3 to ship worldwide.

You can find Bruzz on Twitter and Facebook

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