Monday, 11 March 2013

The day I met Tom Daley - he speaks Spanish

If you follow me on Twitter you may know I am a journalist at a newspaper in North Devon. I have worked their for four years and have worked in different departments. I started off as editorial assistant before that post became redundant seven months ago. 

I was offered a role as a trainee reporter (I have a BA Hons degree in journalism) covering my own patch. The whole job was, and still is, a steep learning curve. However, something happened last week which was unexpected and last minute. 

I met Tom Daley.


As luck would have it, the newsroom was contacted by a teacher at Pilton Community College saying telling us they were hosting a foreign language speaking competition and Tom was representing Plymouth College.

I hot-footed it up to Pilton which is a few moments drive from the NDJ offices. Having been greeted by smiling teachers I was introduced to Tom, who at that point, was still happy to be having his picture taken with other students.

Tom's teacher was happy for me to interview him. As we walked outside, the sound of high pitched screaming schoolgirls almost deafened me. Tom told me how much he enjoyed coming to North Devon for the speaking competition.

I have to say he was a pleasure to talk to, a very humble and down to earth lad. 

Afterwards I went back to work to get the story up on our website, Twitter was going a bit crazy.

The full story will be printed in this week's North Devon Journal including some lovely shots of Tom.


  1. Hello Nicole. What an exciting day that does sound. Its nice to hear he is down to earth and his sudden fame hasnt gone to his head. xx

  2. this sounds so exciting and very jealous you got to meet tom daley xx


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