Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Gritty, Sandy nails - yay or nay

One of my favourite UK brands, Barry M, is launching their new line of textured nail polish in February.

I have seen some pictures of Nails Inc textured polishes, it looks just like someone has freshly painted their nails then dipped them in sand.

Sounds odd? To me, it looks odd too.

Out of habit, I would want to slap on some Seche Vite to smooth over all the lumps and bumps.

However, I can’t deny, the effect is unique and interesting. Barry M will be releasing four colours, Ridley Road – green, Station Road – yellow, Atlantic Road – blue and Kingsland Road – pink.

From swathes I have come across, all the polishes dry to a matte finish.

These polishes from Barry M will cost £3.99 – what do you think? Will you be trying out this new trend? Personally, I would prefer Barry M to launch an affordable line of holographics.

Picture from Barry M's Twitter

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  1. I really don't like these. The OPI ones are ok. But these from what I've seen just look like sand's been mixed in with the colour where as the OPI's are glitter. It just looks HORRID


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