Saturday, 11 August 2012

Konad scraper stamper combo

I have been a fan of the Konad stamping system for years, up until now I had been using the small stamper with a scraper. A while back Konad brought out a stamper scraper combo. I appeared to have lost my previous stamper (actually I think one of the kittens may have run off with it) so I bought the all in one. Seeing as I was on Amazon I picked up a new image plate, M59.

The stamper/scraper combo comes with a stand, the green end is the small end, pink the larger end which allows you to create full nail designs and of course the scraper on the side. As far as how it is to use, it feels quicker, I guess because I didn't have to keep putting it down like I do with the individual stamper/scraper.

The image plate, M59 has snowflakes, bows and hearts.


  1. I wish they would've made the scraper plastic. I don't like how the metal scrapes the plate so I use an old Starbucks card. :)

  2. I prefer a credit card, it's neater for excess polish and scrapes better.

  3. I have the born pretty store version of that stamp plate and I'm in love with the bows. The only reason I wouldn't want your new stamper is the noise the metal scraper makes when you scrape the polish off the metal plate killsssss my ears!

  4. i'm not sure if i could use it hahah
    seems complicated


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