Wednesday, 4 April 2012

AHOY! SaGreena The Teenage Witch

Two coats of China Glaze AHOY! on my ring fingers and two coats of Wet n Wild's SaGreen The Teenage Witch followed by one coat of NYC glitter topcoat (Starry Silver Glitter) and finally one coat of Rimmel Matte Finish! Phewww, a bit of a list of polishes but I like how this manicure came out.

At first glance I think this is such a Christmassy manicure and not so spring appropriate but then again, this is exactly why I like it. I have never been one for wearing trends which are 'in' for certain seasons, I just reach for whatever polish I fancy at the time.


  1. I never would have thought of applying that glitter onto a green, but that actually looks great. :)


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