Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nail polish jewellery from GingerKitty Designs

I first heard about GingerKitty Designs from YouTuber Brooke and I was mesmerised by the company and idea. GingerKitty Designs is an American based business where "nail polish turns into jewellery". Tracey is the lady behind this fantastic company. First I shall show what I bought.

Bracelet with a water marble using OPI DS Glamour, China Glaze IDK and Ozotic 506.

Drool! This is seriously gorgeous! Holographic goodness in a bracelet, hope you are ready for more pictures.

My order took quite a while to reach me (I ordered at the end of January) so as an apology Tracey included a ring using the same three polishes in a water marble for me which was so sweet and totally unexpected.

I have a gorgeous matching set! (The bracelet itself cost $29.99 which at the time of placing the order worked out at around £19 ish)

Ok, on to a bit more about the company. Tracey can make items such as earrings, necklaces, keyrings, hair pins and rings using your favourite nail polish. She has a list of polishes which she uses to create the pieces (lots of rare holographics!) however, if you have a fav polish which she doesn't own you can send her a little amount of polish for her to create the jewellery with.

Everything you see on her site is an example of what she can make. Water marble, Konad, crackle etc. You choose what items you want, what polishes you want and any designs. Incredible when you think about it. You can place an order for a one of a kind piece of jewellery.

Water marbling is tricky at the best of times, so for my piece Tracey sent me photos with three different marble patterns, I then chose which one I liked the best and this is what Tracey made my bracelet from. This is great customer service, every water marble pattern turns out differently so it is wonderful that I could decided which pattern I liked the best.

I am thrilled with the items Tracey made for me and I am definitely ordering again soon!


  1. Omw these are soo lovely!! I want one!! :)


  2. These are absolutely beautiful!


  3. It's such a beautiful piece of jewellery!! Xx

  4. Eeee so these are a little bit beautiful. <3

  5. That bracelet is gorgeous!


  6. This is absoloutely amazing! I love seeing unique jewelry and this is so pretty!! Especially love the bracelet!

  7. I love this jewelry!

    ♥ Shia


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