Monday, 20 February 2012

Cheers To You on this Holly-Day

I hadn't done a sponge gradient manicure in a while so I whipped out Holly-Day from China Glaze (2011 Christmas collection) and Cheers To You, also from China Glaze (2010 Christmas collection)

I am loving this Holly-Day green shade, I applied two coats, I did find it a little runny, so I was careful, but it is such a gorgeous dark green.

A little messy but you get the idea of the colour.

I do like these two polishes on their own, but I am not so sure how I like this manicure on me, my sponging isn't great and I feel like their is something missing, another element, another colour to go on after the silver? Hmmm, I just am unsure, thoughts please?


  1. I think it looks pretty cool. Like icing on a green cupcake. :) Xx

  2. It would be a great look for St Patricks :) Very pretty!!

  3. I think it looks good! You could always try sponging a glitter on top of Cheers to You?


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