Friday, 30 December 2011

A Purple Blue Rainbow

Just a quick manicure before the end of the year, here we have Models Own Purple Blue from their Beetlejuice collection with a layer of Rainbow by Gosh. 

I do love me a flakie polish and I definitely think flakies look their most obvious over a darker colour. The different colours catch the light so well over a dark base. Over MO Purple Blue the flakies shift between red, green, orange and brown. 

I think I paid about £5 for this from Superdrug at the beginning of 2011 just when I started getting into blogging. I believe it is slightly harder to find now, but just keep your eyes peeled because if you do happen to come across this I highly recommend grabbing it. 

The next time I blog it will be 2012, how fast has this year gone? Crazily so. I hope everyone has a good New Year's eve and day celebrations.


  1. Ohhh... this is really pretty! I will be deffo getting this shade!! :) xox

  2. i really like this effect, they look lovely xx

  3. That looks cool!!

  4. Sweet looking combo flakies are the best!

  5. awesome combo, love it :-D
    happy new year :-D

  6. I've got that Gosh in my collection. A must have for flakie lovers. :)
    Happy new year!

  7. ooh what a beautiful flakie!


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