Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Jack Wills do nail polish

Before Christmas I went into Exeter shopping with one of my oldest friends, she persuaded me to go into the shop Jack Wills. Jack Wills, a university outfitters shop full of lounge tracksuits, hoodie and jumpers. They also do dresses and accessories. However, the shop is so flippin expensive. A body warmer in there was over £100. Their tracksuit bottoms are £40 or £50 depending on the style. Anyway I skipped the clothing and went on to the nail polish. 

Electric pink £6

This much brighter in real life I just don't know why I couldn't capture this.

Just to add something extra I applied some black crackle over the top, this one is by Andrea Fullerton.

I know crackle polishes have been done to death, but I quite like having a black crackle over a vibrant base. 

The polish itself applied well, this is two coats, I think I will pop a white base on underneath next time to make the colour pop more. I don't think I will ever see the fascination with Jack Wills clothing but for £6 the nail polishes are very nice. 


  1. It's becoming the new Superdry. Overpriced crap. I wanna stab my eyes out when I see it.

  2. Strange place to sell polish! Looks nice though

  3. The pink is o pretty! I also like the crackle over it!


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