Saturday, 5 November 2011

Your Planet Or Mine? A duochrome by Leighton Denny

I was sent some polishes from the Leighton Denny atmospheric A/W nail polish collection. I am going to do individual posts on each polish as there are some amazing duochrome polishes in the collection. 

First up is Your Planet or Mine? Hope you are ready for lots and lots of pictures!

Amazing array of colours in this polish which reminds me of a petrol stain on the floor. I found the polish itself quite thick but it dried fast and evenly, but It took me three coats to get a good, solid color.

Just in normal lighting it looks like a deep forest green, but in the right light it flicks between purple and deep red and a hint of royal blue. In some pictures there is a glimmer of gold in the bottle but for me, this didn't transfer to my nails.

Each of these polishes costs £11 and can be bought from here

I do really like this particular polish, the beautiful colours shine through well, the only downside for me is that I notice a little bit of tip wear after only a day of wearing this polish even though I applied a top coat to the manicure. I don't think it is too obvious in the pictures though.

What do you think of this polish? Duochromes seem to be popular at the moment, Models Own have come out with their Beetlejuice collection (review of those coming soon). What do you think of this trend? 


  1. I like duochromes, they do however always look better on others than they do on me. :/
    I'm happy to see some dark duochromes too, this is pretty. x

  2. Love this! I also really like the bottle design. :)

  3. Thank you Nicole, Sylvia and Meredith x


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