Saturday, 12 November 2011

Meteor Match - Leighton Denny

The second nail polish I was sent to try from Leighton Denny's Atmospheric collection is Meteor Match, a shimmery, very pale, sheer blue laced with a slight pinkish duochrome as well as silver glitter. I wasn't as keen on this polish, I definitely prefer Your Planet Or Mine. (My earlier review here)

This polish is still pretty, but it took four coats to achieve an opaque look, I found this polish very sheer. However, it is a good polish if you would like to paint your nails with a subtle colour, nothing too obvious, good for the office.

I found the duochrome subtle, it is barely noticeable on the nail at all, which is a shame, but I do like the soft twinkle the silver glitter particles give. The glitter within the polish felt slightly gritty once dry, but that wasn't really an issue as for this manicure I wanted to add some black crackle polish over the top anyway.

I used the black crackle polish from the Andrea Fulterton Mock Crock double ended duo, then I applied Seche Vite fast dry coat. I really like this combination, the light blue of Meteor Match with the glitter peaking through the black crackle. 

I still have some more LD polishes to try, so many polishes, so little time.


  1. I definitely prefer the other! :)

  2. Me too :-) this one just is kinda washed out

  3. i love the first nail varnish, very pretty.
    holli x

  4. That crackle really adds something to it! I like it!

  5. Ooh, that crackles really nicely! :)

  6. This is pretty, but I agree - I prefer the other one!

  7. lovely, never even heard of this brand, but love the polish :-D
    great combo with crackle :-D

  8. love it! your crackle polish has a very good effect :)


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