Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lush goodies

I went shopping in Exeter a couple of days ago and popped into Lush, we don't have a Lush in my home town, so it is nice to go into a shop and smell everything in person rather than go off blog reviews and videos. Here is what I bought:

Snow Fairy shower gel, Cup Cake face mask, Pow Wow sugar lip scrub and the sales assistant popped in a sample of Northern Lights soap.

First up is the Cup Cake face mask, these are fresh so I put this straight into the fridge when I got home. I used this for the first time last night and it felt so good putting it on having taken it out of the fridge, very cooling and refreshing. I am surprised as a little of this mask goes a long way and covered my whole face and neck. It smells of chocolate but not in a sickly sweet way which I like. After ten mins I washed this off and my skin was soft, this is the first fresh mask I have tried from them, so as long as I can use this before it expires I would buy this again. 

Next I tried their new sugar lip scrub which is part of their Christmas products which are new for 2011. This one is called Pow Wow and it contains popping candy. I have used their lip scrubs before and even though they cost £4.75, my last pot lasted such a long time. I know this product is glorified sugar, but I like it, it helps my lips feel smooth and it gets rid of any dead/flakey skin. I tend to use the scrubs at night and slather on lip balm before bed.

Unfortunately, I couldn't feel any of the popping candy on my lips, but the scent is wonderfully fresh and zesty, reminds me of lemon and lime sweets.

I had to get the famous Snow Fairy shower gel, I got the biggest bottle 500g which costs £9.95. By far, this is the most I have ever spent on one shower gel, but the bottle is big and will (hopefully) last me a while. I love the smell of the gel, this one is sickly sweet and might be too much for some, this one reminds me of those pink shrimp sweets. I love the blue/purple glittery bits on the gel, these don't transfer to the skin, but hey it makes the gel look pretty in the bottle. I have only ever used this as a shower gel, but I think I will try it as a shampoo too.

The sales assistant also gave me a sample of Northern Lights soap which I haven't tried yet.

Also special carrier bags for the festive season


  1. I was in Minneapolis over the weekend and there was a Lush shop near our hotel. I don't have one near me at home. Anyway, I had to stop in because my person for a Secret Santa exchange loves Lush . . . so I ended up buying a couple things for her. I wanted to get some Snow Fairy shower gel sooooooo bad but the price for just the smallest bottle changed my mind. I don't know if the sales girl saw me sniffing it or what but one of the samples she gave me was a bit of Snow Fairy shower gel. Heheeee!!


  2. We don't have any Lush shops here, but I've visited them when I was on vacation in Germany. I like their products and the ideas behind them, even though I think they're a bit pricey.

  3. I'm so happy you did a review on these. I got an ad in the mail for there products a few days ago and they look promising. I'm sure they smell delish too! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Snow Fairy is the best. A bottle liek that lasts me the year.!

  5. Seeing Lush products always makes me want to go spend way more money than I should at Lush!

  6. Snow Fairy is my FAVOURITE! I used to get it every year, but since my eczema got really bad I can't use any perfumed or coloured products anymore :(

  7. I'm using that massive bottle of Snow Fairy now, it is literally lasting me months, I don't think it will ever run out lol!


  8. I love the snow fairy, i recently got a bottle it reminds me of the pair drops smell but i see what u mean by the pink shrimps aswell :) i wrote about what i got from lush on my blog also, that face mask looks edible and i love their lip scrubs i got the bubblegum one x


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