Monday, 25 July 2011

Highlighter pink

I love my Star gazer neon pink, but it is very sheer and it is a very light pink, so I went on the search for a a more dense neon pink. I found it!

This is Punki Pink by Nina Pro.

I still painted a white base coat (I used Models Own in Snow White) to make the colour pop even more. I am so annoyed with my camera not picking up just how bright the colour is! It is way more vibrant and neon than my pictures show. I wanted to jazz the mani up with dots too.

I also painted Models Own in Feeling Blue on my middle finger.


  1. this is sooo cute, the dots look great and love the accent finger!!!

  2. How cute! Love the blue color pop :)

  3. Looks like ladybirds, so cute :)

  4. wa~ this looks so cool! I love polka dots!

  5. That is so cute I really like the dots!!(:


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