Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend nails with glitter

Hope you have had a good weekend? I had a relaxed one and caught up on my sleep, went home to see my family and give mum her mother's day presents.
I wanted to wear a couple of nail polishes I hadn't worn in ages, Barry M Pure Turquoise and N.Y.C Starry Silver Glitter top coat.

Love these two! The Barry M is a perfect bright turquoise, it leans more towards blue though, it is so vibrant and was perfect in two coats. This is what is looks like on its own.

Waited for this to dry then added two coats of the N.Y.C Starry Glitter top coat, this is an amazing top coat. It is a clear base with tons of silver and multi coloured glitter particles with larger blue and purple/pink particles.

I really like this glitter top coat! In the right light the smaller glittery bits flash a rainbow of colours, in normal lighting the larger particles shimmer away. After I had applied this I added Sech Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

some more pictures:

I love this combination, am going to try the top coat over different shades soon. What is your most treasured top coat?


  1. this is definitely my favourite top coat ever! xx

  2. Oh this looks really pretty, Barry M in turquoise is by far my fave shade xx

  3. The glitter topcoat looks awesome!

  4. Really cute love all the sparkle! =)

  5. I also have the nyc top coat i love it and is cheap:)

  6. Cute combo! That NYC top coat looks awesome.

  7. Love the two nail polishes together, looks great :) I do love Barry M and NYC nail varnishes xxx

  8. I love those colors mixed together. Nice combo :)


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