Tuesday, 5 April 2011


The nearest Lush to me is in Exeter which is over an hours drive, so I don't go there very often. When I do I always pop in and have a browse. This time I bought a couple of my absolute fav bubble bar Flosty Gritter, which I found out is being discontinued, so I am now every sad. This was the only product in Lush I was faithful to, I went back time and time again. The shop assistant said it was one of their popular bubble bars, so god knows why they are discontinuing it.
I also bought a bath bomb, which is unusual for me, but this one smelt lovely and I thought, why not. I picked up Fizzbanger. I love that name!

Now, since Lush products can be quite pricey I want to get as many uses out of my products as I can. So, out came a kitchen knife to break this bad boy up....

I love the glitter bits in it and the orangey yellow bigger chunks, the smell is kinda zesty with a hint of sweetness. I dropped one of the larger chunks in the bath and it fizzed up like it should do. But then there was a a crackling noise, like crackling candy. I guess this is where the bomb gets its name Fizzbanger from. A nice added touch. The water turned a yellow orange colour and the scent filled the bathroom which lasted a long time.

I will definitely pick this one up again, it cost £2.99 but if you break it up then you can have multiple baths out of one product. Have you ever tried this particular bath bomb?


  1. Oh this sounds and looks awesome! Will have to pick one of these up the next time I'm at Lush! :)


    - Jen xox

  2. I love this ballistic! Just you wait until you use the rest of it, you might get a little surprise...........well I did anyway haha! xx

  3. That one looks like one that I'd love to try! I've only ever been in one Lush store and I'm lucky to have one 10 minutes down the road, but I have yet to buy anything. I think I might need to pick this one up along with another one I've been looking at getting.

  4. I love lush!! :o) my nearest one is around a 3 hour drive away though... So I will be stocking up next time! Xx

  5. I'm such a Lush whore! I can't go in that store without spending at least $40.

  6. That's sounds so nice! I always break them up since they're huge, I think the first time I got one I put it in the bath whole and it only dissolved til like half way by the end of my bath!


  7. I so wish I had a bathtub so I could use more Lush products :( My nearest one is a 45 minutes drive away. They don't like to make it too easy lol.

  8. Commenting again - I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger Award - Grats! :D


  9. i envy you! Tres jellie cos i really want a soothing stress-free bath right now *sigh*

    Xisses, Onyxsta


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