Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Konad fail

I had a nail fail today, I love the base colour, but the Konad design just didn't work out for me this time. I used a full nail design from the M57 plate and stamped with konad special polish in black. The base colour is Barry M Bright Pink.

I really like this colour from Barry M, it is bright without being harsh and in-your-face bright. The konad fail is where I didn't quite get the full stamp design over the whole nail, (this only happened on a couple of nails) so I tried to just redo the bits I missed which for me in this case were the tips. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bit of a mess, with smudging, it doesn't look so obvious in the pictures but it seems more so in real life. Maybe I am just being picky, but I was too lazy to start over. I took pictures of my left hand, my right seems worse though. Oh well, I still like the design and polish!

Have you had a nail polish fail where no matter what you do it just doesn't go to plan?


  1. I actually think this looks really awesome, doesnt look messy at all hun x

  2. Aw thanks hun :-) hope you are well xx

  3. I agree with Sunshine Sam I think it is really pretty and not messy! The pink is beautiful too!
    Yes, I have had many nail polish fails but I like to think of it as good practice in the end... =D

  4. I dont notice the fail but it looks great =)

  5. Huh? what fail?
    I'm loving this design =)

  6. This looks great Nicole, the fishnet look is sexy!! :o)


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