Monday, 28 March 2011

Frosted cranberry for the bathroom

At work we have a touch sensor foam soap dispenser which is a huge improvement on the old gel soap we used to have. However, a few ladies in the office find that the foam soap is quite drying. One our our sub editors seems to get hand wash and hand lotion for Christmas and birthdays each year, so much so that she brings some in for the rest of the girls in the office. This time she brought in frosted cranberry hand soap and lotion set from Marks and Spencer.

I love this set! The soap lathers very well with very little product, it produces a bright red bubbly lather. The scent is a very strong sweet fruity smell but cranberry doesn't spring to my mind immediately. The hand lotion is lovely and creamy but light and non greasy which I prefer. In the evening I cover my hands in The Body Shop hemp intensive hand lotion, but for the day time I hate heavy lotion, but this frosted cranberry one is very light and soaks in right away. The scent lasts a long time too which I like.

I would definitely buy this for home, I don't think my boyfriend would like it because it is is a sweet smelling soap (we usually use Carex which I find is quite a fresh smell). Incase anyone is wondering I am wearing Models Own nail polish in Lilac Dream :-)

What hand soaps do you love?  

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  1. Looks so nice :)
    I like the Avon Senses, there all nice but the red one (sorry I don't remember what it's called)
    it's my fav at the moment.


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