Friday, 4 February 2011

Dare to bare challenge

So I was reading a great post on one of the blogs I follow by the lovely Nicoletta on how much we may or may not rely on make up. 

She made me think about why I wear the make up I do. When I was in my teens I had terrible skin and it was horrible! But I went to my GP who put me on antibiotics and thankfully my skin cleared up. Nowadays I still get the odd break out but nothing too major. I only feel self conscience when I get spots and I think 'oooh better cover that bad boy up with concealer'. 

However, I am quite happy to go out shopping without a scrap of make up on, other times I will put some mascara on just to make me look more awake and that will be it. I hardly ever wear a full face of foundation concealer powder just to go to the shops. In fact the only time I will do this is when I go on a night out, or if I have a meeting at work, just to look more polished.

Nicoletta asked on her post that if anyone wanted to publish a pic of themselves without wearing makeup to do so. Here are my pics taken not so long ago......

The morning after the night before a birthday party, in my PJ's and dressing gown going to Maccy D's to soak up the booze! hmmmm treat!
Also my friend Morgs is doing the driving, I could hardly keep my eyes open, but a strawberry milkshake, quarter pounder cheeseburger and large fries sorted me out :-)

This evening I went out for a meal and drinks with some work friends, I have just taken my make up off and this is the result.... I look washed out and pale with dark circles but hey ho, what ya gonna do? It doesn't bother me that much, I just think I look 'bla'.

Anyways, I don't mind going out without make up, I wear my bright eye shadows because I love the colours, but not because I need to, it is because I want to :-) 

How do you feel? Do you have to wear a full face to go out? or are you happy to not wear anything some days? 


  1. Thanks for doing this hun, you look lovely without makeup your eyes are such a pretty colour. xx

  2. You still look great without makeup hun!

    On lazy days, I won't wear full face, but I will apply some eyeliner and mascara hehe.

  3. Hey sweety!! I find you beautiful without makeup! Great challenge!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  4. I think you look great bare faced! There was a time where I felt I had to put on makeup to go out, but I've gotten over that. I still like to wear it and think I look better with it in a lot of situations (like under office lights).

  5. Aw thanks everyone for your kind comments :-) it means a lot x

  6. You still look pretty without make-up :)


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