Friday, 4 February 2011

Black and Gold

Even though I adore my blue and green eyeshadows, I wanted to wear something different for work today. So I chose a lovely gold and black combination with glittery black eye liner. This is what I used......

Urban Decay palette, Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara, Collection 2000 Glam Crystal eyeliner (7) and Maxfactor Smoky Eye Effect.

I started off by applying the silver shade of the Smoky Eye Effect all over my eyelids to create a base. Next I applied the gold shadow from the platte (Maui Wowie) on the inner corner to the middle of the eye lid.

I applied the black shadow (oil slick) on the outer corner, blending the gold over the top. I didn't want the black to be too obvious, I only wanted it to peak through. To finish I applied the black glitter eyeliner to the upper lash line, curled my lashes and applied mascara. This is how it turned out. 

Looking at these pictures, I am thinking that perhaps I should have lined my lower lash line too, hmmmm


  1. that is such a beautiful look, and your eyelashes.. wow! i thought they were falsies initially they are absolutely perfect and lovely! xxx

  2. Maui Wowie is my favourite colour from that palette but somehow on my skin it comes out more green/gold rather than the gold/gold you got. Your eye makeup looks really nice, and no you didn't need to line the lower lashline, it's good as it is!


  3. Pretty! I've been itching to do something black and gold lately. :)

  4. LC - Aw thankyou for your kind comment, hee hee yes they are real, though I do really want to try falsies just to see how I get on :-) xx

    Makeup and Macaroons - I find if you apply the gold with a damp brush the colour looks brighter if that helps :-) Aw thanks, I am not that good at applying on the lower lash line at the mo, I think sometimes it can make me look a bit tired! xx

    Femputer - Thanks very much I also want to try gold and silver, or gold and grey to see how that looks.

    Thanks ladies for all your kind words :-) xxx


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