Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Philosophy shower gel for £7: Homemade Pumpkin Pie

I heard so many great things about Philosophy products. What's not to love, the cute packaging, the gorgeous scents and scrumptious sounding names. What I don't love is the price. A standard sized bottle of shower gel usually costs around £15. 

Up until now that is what put me off the products. However, I found their Homemade Pumpkin Pie bath and shower gel for £7 in TK Maxx in Falmouth, Cornwall last week.

Some might say £7 is still on the pricey side for shower gels, however, you could easily pay this and more for a shower gel in Lush or The Body Shop.

I couldn't pass it up considering this beauty was pretty much half price.

You can use this as a shampoo, bath and shower gel. However, I have only been using it as a shower gel. It smells divine, spicy and sweet but not sickly or overpowering. 

It leaves my skin soft and smooth and gives a lovely, rich and creamy lather. This 480ml bottle will last me a long time, a little product goes a long way. 

Each shower gel bottle includes a simple recipe, I haven't tried making pumpkin pie yet, but it is quite a nice added touch which I think Philosophy is known for.

If you have admired Philosophy products from afar then take a rummage around in a TK Maxx.


  1. I've not tried the pumpkin pie but I loved their peppermint stick last year and I received the coconut shower gel for my birthday day this year too.

    I found they last soo much longer than normal shower gels as I used a lot less.

    Bargain find :)


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