Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Life pleasures which are underrated

I came across an article which mentioned some life pleasures which were underrated. With that in mind I thought I would put together some things which I think are underrated. Here is a run down of the little things which make me happy throughout the working week...

Fresh bed linen

Getting through that mountain of laundry 

Having a clean car (inside and out)

Climbing into bed after a long soak in the bath

An ice cold drink

When the rain is hammering it down outside and you are still curled up in bed knowing you don't have to get up

Clean makeup brushes

Lighting a new candle

Getting a text message from my husband, my mum or best friend

Hearing my cats purring

The feeling of washing off a face mask

Taking off chipped nail polish

The first spoonful of a piece of cake

What are your life pleasures? I am sure there are more I can add to this list!


Be friendly and please share your thoughts, I love hearing your views......