Saturday, 4 May 2013

Stacked Polishes - Blackheart Beauty

I just stumbled across these amazing stacked polishes on Hot Topic online. Stacked nail polishes by Blackheart Beauty. 

How amazing do these look? They are in a glass skull bottle and each polish (there are a few other colours too) has at least three colours inside. 

From what I have seen from other #bbloggers swatches the polishes do separate on the nail.

I am not sure how long these have been around for but they seem to be a USA brand. 
Does anyone know if we can get these in the UK? or if a UK brand does something similar?


  1. Maybe you can check at Claire's. I'm in Canada and the Claire's over here has polish like that(Not this brand, theirs obviously :P).

  2. I love this brand. I believe the US site ship internationally :)

  3. I feel like I need these just for the cheesy skull bottle!!


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