Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hotski Tchotchke - My Shellac Wedding Nails

I can't believe it has nearly been a month since I got married, a month tomorrow infact.

Since we were going away on honeymoon straight away I knew a normal manicure wouldn't last. I had booked myself in for a Shellac manicure a couple of days before the wedding. I had Shellac manicures a couple of times before and loved the way it lasted, the shine it gave to my nails and the fact it gave my nails a chance to grow and become stronger.

Now, don't get me wrong. 

A traditional French manicure is lovely. I mean, it is a classic isn't it? Clean and neat. However, for my wedding day I wanted colour. My colour scheme was teal so I chose this for my nails:

I went for this teal shade from CND Shellac called Hotski Tchotchke. This colour matched my bridesmaid dresses exactly! I just adore this shade, it glows!

Yes, my other half had Pac Man cuff links - the red ghost on one cuff and Pac Man on the other. 

I am pleased I went for a coloured manicure for my wedding, it really shows up in the pictures and lasted for most of out honeymoon too.


  1. Congratulations on getting married! :) The teal shade of your nails is absolutely lovely! x

  2. This color is so pretty! I much prefer something like this to a French mani!

  3. Lovely nails! Glad to see you didn't do the traditional route!


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