Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fallen Leaves - the golds the coppers

I don't own many OPI polishes, the ones I have I picked up from Sallys on clearance. Diva of Geneva is what I would class as an autumn colour. It isn't a shade I normally sway towards but I think that is why I like this colour so much - it isn't like anything else I own.
Two coats of Diva of Geneva and one coat of Rainbow by Gosh - a gorgeous flakie top coat which I have worn several times.

I love the look of flakies over a dark base, they look like fallen autumn leaves - irregular shapes with a copper and gold sheen.


  1. Sobeautiful! Thankyou for following my blog, don't forget to enter my balmi giveaway! X

  2. Nicole - This is Deb from It's Always Something blog, and you've mentioned on a couple of my tart/candle posts that you wished you could find place over there to get such yummies. Have you heard of this one:


    I stumbled across it while browsing YouTube videos. :)



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