Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lush makeup - Emotional Brilliance

I went into Exeter's branch of Lush to pick up a fresh face mask when I got cornered by one of the overly happy sales assistants.

He told me all about Emotional Brilliance, Lush's new makeup line.

I got this badge for completing the challange...

The SA showed me a turn table of coloured dots, he asked me to pick the three colours I was drawn towards. I picked a baby blue, bright orange and purple, which according to the chart meant my emotions for the day were Calm, Vibrance and Feeling Secure.

The products they have are liquid eyeliner/shadows and liquid lip colour (which cost £14.50)

The SA said this range was two years in the making, even though I didn't buy anything I do quite like the concept behind it. Some of the eye liners had fantastic shimmer to them.

Has anyone bought anything from this range? On their website you can have a colour reading, follow the steps. Click here


  1. I'm so excited about this collection!! Can't wait to swatch it in store. :)

  2. I love that guy, (he's the manager) he did mine. :)

    1. I loved the heart body mod he had under his skin on his hand, he also had crazily long eye lashes for a guy! What did you think of the idea? I loved calm, the bright blue shade :-) x

    2. That's what me and Charlie ( said to him because he was trying lots of different colours on his eyes/lashes for us! Made me a little bit jealous as I have rubbish lashes. I'm just doing a post on my thoughts actually! I love all the pinks/purples though. Definitely planning on getting some shortly.

  3. I would love to get my hands in some of the lip colours :)


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