Sunday, 13 May 2012

Yellow and Purple Crackle Crash

I bought a pack of Color Club polishes which I had found in a TK Max recently, although on closer inspection I found there are no names on the bottles. Has anyone come across this before with Color Club? I have a few other bottles which I was given in swaps with Noir Lacquer (posted from USA) and these always have names on stickers on the bottom.

I contacted Color Club about the nameless polishes, this is what they had to say:

"Yes - this is completely normal. The collections that TJ Max UK take in do not have bottom labels. If you attach a picture I can try to help you identify them! Hope this helps!"

I sent the team a private message via their facebook page and was surprised to see they had responded within an hour an half. I am always pleased they offered to help me identify the polishes. For me that is great customer service, going that extra step to help the customer.

Onto the manicure I have been wearing the last couple of days:

So this is two coats of a nameless yellow from Color Club followed by one coat of purple crackle by Saffron London and a top coat of SV.


  1. That's a great nameless yellow, I like that.
    And I really like that Color Club has such great customer service! Cool! Xx

  2. I'll definitely be speaking to them - I've bought two unlabelled sets from TK Maxx and I suspect neither of them are actually the collections mentioned on the box.

  3. Love that yellow! With the purple, all I can think of is my state's American football team, the MN Vikings (purple and yellow are their colors). I couldn't care less about football, but that's all I think about when I see those two colors! ;)

    I'm really excited to go to TK Maxx. We have TJ Maxx here, but they're harder to come by than they once were.

  4. Pretty...I might have to give that a go :)

  5. I love the purple and yellow together! Great combination!

    ♥ Shia


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