Friday, 10 February 2012

Matte Flakies

Again playing around with my new bottle of Rimmel Matte topcoat I had to try it over a flakie. I have seen so many wonderful pictures where other people have put a matte topcoat over their flakie polishes, it seems to give the whole manicure a different look. This is what mine look like:

I applied one coat of Golden Plum by Famous by Sue Moxley, one coater deep plum with golden strands running through it! yes please!

I then applied one coat of Nubar's 2010 topcoat, gorgeous flakie polish. It is so similar to Gosh Rainbow but with the Nubar polish the flakes are much smaller.

Then finally Rimmel Matte top coat over:

I am not so sure about this, on other people's pictures the matte flakies look amazing, on me I am just not sure how I feel about it. What do you think? I guess if anything having them matte does create another manicure. I definitely prefer having my flakie polishes layered over a deep base. 


  1. This looks really nice! love the effect, ive been browsing some nubar nail polishes they look so nice, i dont own one yet i may have to have a look at that one xx

  2. I actually bought that Nubar after you wrote about it on my blog, and I absolutely love it! It looks great on you! Xx

  3. I kinda like the shinier look, but then again I tend to just marvel at every look you do anyway. :)



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