Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Jewellery Storage

My other half and I gave each other money for Christmas because we just couldn't really think of anything in particular we wanted. I spotted a gorgeous jewellery cabinet and when I checked the price it was expensive (£80 expensive) but on that day the whole shop was 50% off! 

Wooden jewellery cabinet from Past Times, £40.

The two doors on the end are magnetized and hold necklaces on silver hooks which I like, they don't get tangled up which they used to before in my old jewellery box.

Then the top opens up and holds rings, there is also a mirror in the lid.

The other draws have different sized compartments:

I love the simple girlie paint work on the front:

All in all a great bargain, I hope it doesn't topple over, the kittens tend to jump on top of the table and try and sit on top of the cabinet. 


  1. What a bargain! I need to find some way of storing my necklaces that doesn't involve detangling them every time I want to wear one of them!

  2. This is super lovely!!! I will have to get my self something like this to hold all my jewellery!!! :) xox

  3. its so adorable i love the design on the front!

  4. that is such a gorgeous piece! I love it :)

  5. It's really pretty! I recently got a jewelry box too! I needed one..kept losing all of my jewelry. lol

  6. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here's the link


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