Saturday, 21 January 2012

17-Magnetized polish in Lilac

I am still working my way through the four shades of 17 Magnetic polish and today I have the shade Lilac to show.

I do like this but not as much as the teal shade. Some of the girls at work noticed the patterns and were intrigued as to what polish I was wearing. I did notice this one started to chip after a day of wear which is annoying (even with a top coat) and I have read from other blogs they noticed tip wear after a day or so too. 

I hate it when you spend time with a process like this for the polish to chip after a day.


  1. Love this shade. :) I too have nocticed that mines chips quite quick.


  2. It's not good that they chip, but I do like the purple shade, one of my fav for nails :D xx

  3. Bummer that it chipped so fast, but I do think it is a pretty color.


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