Thursday, 22 December 2011

Some more Lush

I went down to Exeter for some Christmas shopping, I got dad Senna on DVD, I watched it a while ago and it is such an amazing documentary film. I also stopped by Lush again and picked up some more goodies. I have to admit these are for me, I couldn't resist.

Another bottle of Snow Fairy, this is my second bottle and I am going to store this one away and crack it open in a few months. I also went through my Cup Cake fresh face mask which I loved, but I wanted to try a different one so I bought Love Lettuce. I also picked up Bubblegum lip scrub which smells just like Snow Fairy. Love.

Excuse the blurry picture but Moses and Leo snuck into the Lush bag to see what I had brought home.

I think I have stocked up with more than enough Lush products for a while.


  1. I love there face masks, I bought a blueberry one last time and it was amazing!

  2. I'm thinking of buying Lush lip scrub, is it good product?

  3. I've been dying to buy some lush products, I heard the lip scrub was really good.

  4. I've used Love Lettuce before and really enjoyed it! I have so many bath products, but have really been jonesing for some Lush lately.

  5. seriously love Lush! Happy new year xo


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