Sunday, 4 December 2011

I found some magnetic polish! (and other bargains)

I went shopping to Boots again as they had some good bargains on bubble bath, shower gels and Christmas gifts. The most exciting moment was when I spotted the 17 stand had a few magnetic nail polishes. (I might have bought all four colours)

First up I got two bath and shower gels from The Little Bubble Co, Coconut Creme and Vanilla Biscuit, these are big 500ml so they will hopefully last a while and the were on offer for £2 each.

Next I got some badedas bubble bath, this is for mum for Christmas, it was around £4 off bringing it down to about £8. I love this product too and a little goes a long way which is good. Problem is mum was with me when I bought this, so she knows she is getting some for Christmas. 

Not very exciting but I picked up some Karvol capsules, I used to have these when I was little and I love the way these smell, they help clear blocked and stuffy noses. I got some to put on my pillow and pjs at night. I also love menthol crystals for dissolving in hot water for clearing a blocked nose too. 

I also picked up some Clean and Clear face wash, these were 2 for £6, I have used these before and like the clean soapy scent they have. I have been using Simple cream foaming mango face wash recently, but there weren't any bottles left when I went to Boots.

Finally, I cannot tell you how excited I am to have tracked these magnetic polishes down! Even the shop assistant was shocked that the Barnstaple store was carrying them because they have been so popular. Every time I went into town I would go to the 17 stand to see if they sold this polish and every time I was disappointed. I almost gave up hope, until I saw them on a little stand. A few bottles had already been bought so I snapped up all four colours, I can't wait to try them out.


  1. Ooh, that's some good bargains you've made there. I can't wait to see the magnetic polishes on you. Xx

  2. can't wait to see a post on the magnetic polishes!

  3. Thanks guys, I am slowly working my way through the magnetic polishes! Funny how the different colours can produce different effects.x

  4. Lucky! I can't find any magnetic polish's where I love. Can't wait to see the post!!

  5. Hey, nice post i had a look and whiff at those bath and shower gels i must say they smell delish i wdnt have been able to choose just one either :)x

  6. BIG BIG fan here of the bubble bath stuff! Its like Philosophy but more affordable!


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