Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Over the pond swap

I recently did another swap with my friend Nicole over at Noir Lacquer, my parcel came really fast, just over a week. My package to her hasn't arrived yet, but am hoping it will be with her soon, I can't wait to see what she thinks of what I have picked up. 

This is what she sent me this time:

I asked for some goodies from Bath and Body Works, I have heard some great things about this American company and even Nicole was surprised we don't have a B&BW in the UK. Well, they have brought over Forever 21, so perhaps they might open a store or two here. I hope so. 

First up two body lotions, one is called Cozy Autumn Vanilla and the other is called Twilight Woods. These two lotions smell very similar, Cozy Autumn Vanilla is a lighter sweeter scent, Twilight Woods has a deeper, more sultry scent. Both lotions are very light and absorbed into my skin quickly. I found the scent lasts a couple of hours before fading away. 

Next up are a few antibacterial hand sanitizers, or pocketbacs as B&BW call them. Over in the UK I have only ever found strong alcohol smelling hand sanitizers, like the ones in hospitals. Even the Carex lavender ones have that clinical scent. B&BW has so many amazing sounded scents. Here Nicole picked up some scents from the Halloween line. Phantom Pumpkin, Bat Bite and Vampire Blood. Phantom Pumpkin doesn't really smell like pumpkin to me, it has a kind of sweetness though, but above anything else it smells like the drink Baileys to me.

Bat Bite smells just like Apple Sourz (I promise I am not an alcoholic!) and is one of my favs from the bunch. Vampire Blood is a plum scent, but for me it has a perfume-y smell which seems to overpower the fruity plum note. 

These two are Candy Corn and Zombie Tonic pocketbacs.

I have never tried Candy Corn, but it seems to be an American sweet favourite, can anyone tell me what they taste like? Are they crunchy or chewy sweets? I am so intrigued! I couldn't smell any caramel in this one, to me it had the most clinical/alcohol scent out of all of them. Next up is my fav! Zombie Tonic, it does smell like marshmallow with a hint of vanilla. Just nice n sweet. I shall enjoy using these!

Now on to the nail polishes!

Two Kleancolor polishes in City Never Sleeps and Melon Green, Melon Green is an amazing eye squinting bright acid green shade, whilst City Never Sleeps in a fab glittery polish with tiny blue particles and gold and pink bigger sparkles.

Next up a mini Bon Bons bottle of polish with tiny glitter particles in a clear base, mostly pink but with some blue. Pure Ice in Mint Green is a very sheer almost milky polish which seems mainly green but in the right light it has flashes of subtle purple and blues. NYX in Emerald Forest, a light green base with different sized glitter particles. 

I have always wanted to try Zoya polishes ever since I got into blogging, Nicole sent me Jem and Edyta. Jem is a fantastic purple but as you can see from the image their are threads of gold running through. Same with Edyta, mainly a bronzey brown polish with threads of gold running through. Gorgeous, can't wait to try these two out.

Finally for the polishes in this classic red from essie, another brand I am keen to try out. This shade is called geranium. I don't have many reds in my collection, so this is a welcomed edition.

Lastly a couple of Burt's Bees milk and honey body lotions, I love honey scented products so I these will be great.

On a final note, Moses kitten 'nom nom, this box tastes good'

'Who me'?

Thank you so much Nicole for picking out such great things! Looking forward to trying everything out. 


  1. Hahahaha at 'nom nom, this box tastes good' what cats have with boxes?! so cute, love ur cat!

  2. Great swap! We just got a B&BW in Canada in the past few years, I love it!

  3. Marshmallow handwash! Lovely!

  4. Brilliant swap! Fingers crossed they open a B&BW over this side of the atlantic sometime soon!

  5. I just got your package! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!! I can't form coherent thoughts. You blew me away with this package!

    Also, I can't believe you haven't tried candy corn! I might have to pick some up and send it to you for xmas. I LOVE candy corn.

  6. Oh my those polishes are amazing! I wish we could get all those different 'flavours' of pocketbac in the UK! I'm intrigued by candy corn too having never tried it!


  7. Cats are crazy about boxes!! Such a clever idea...over the pond swap! Too cute! Can't wait to see what you do with the nail polishes =)

    ♥ Shia


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