Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween treats and autumn images

Halloween is fast approaching, this is the first year my other half and I have lived in our house, it is a Cul-de-sac and so we are wondering how many people we will get trick or treating around the 31st. Where mum and dad live it is quite secluded and we never had any bother, so this year will be interesting, we shall see.

I have been chomping on a couple of nice treats:

Cadbury Screme egg

Instead of the usual yellow and white creme egg filling we have a gooey green filling, it tastes exactly the same though.

Next up is Mr Kingling Fiendish Fancies, yummy French Fancies, these are so good and didn't taste as sweet as the usual French (or fondant Fancies) which I loved as they weren't as sickly. They had a touch of orange flavor to them.

A fish bowl on a night out drinking with the girls, I am sorry but I have no idea what this is called , I didn't order it, and it tasted disgusting! I think there was definitely some melon liquor in there, yuck!

This time last year my other half and I were on Holiday in Florida, I loved this pumpkin display of fizzy drinks in a supermarket.

As autumn and winter close in I took some pictures of the River Torridge near where mum and dad live.


  1. Love the drinks display!
    I bought my daughters the chocolate orange halloween cupcakes by the Bakin Boys the other day, they were amazing!

    Holli x

  2. Love the pics, Halloween is one of my fav times of year x x

  3. Oh man! I love Cadbury Eggs! I haven't had one it ages! I want to go out and buy some now...

  4. Mmm... this is making me crave a Cadbury egg.

  5. It's been ages since I had a Cadbury egg. They are sooo delicious! *drools*


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