Monday, 31 October 2011

Boots special advantage card Christmas shopping event

The other night I went to my local Boots for their advantage card Christmas shopping event. Spend £50 and receive £12 worth of advantage card points. Mum and I went to the same event last year and went again this year. 

Our plan was to go shopping after work, around 6pm ish, then go for supper at Prezzo. I am glad we went to Boots when we did, it was empty! So I loved wondering around the shop and not being pushed and barged out the way. I hate shopping when it is busy. Anyways, on to the goodies!

First up I got three presents for my other half's sisters and mum for Christmas, these gifts were part of the three for two offers Boots tend to have every year for Christmas gifts which is great. So each of these gifts cost £10, so I paid £20 instead of £30. A pair of slipper ballet pumps which have a fleecy lining and look really comfortable. Then Soap & Glory's youcube which contains four minis of their popular bath products (Hand food, Clean on Me, The Rightrous Butter and Flake Away) Also I picked up the Ted Baker bath time gift set which again contains mini products (Body Spray, Body Wash, scrub, lotion) I love the packaging of these two sets. 

Some more Soap & Glory products, two of these are for me, I love love love their Some Like It Hot body scrub which is a thermal scrub. I find this is the only scrub which does anything for me, it is quite rough, so avoid this if you prefer a gentle scrub. It is quite expensive £7.92, but this was on another three for two offer so I picked up two of these and a Scent-sationalism gift set (£8.43) which I will be giving a to a friend for Christmas.

I stumbled across the bargain shelf, so I picked up this Venus Embrace five blade razor, I think they are normally at least £8, so to pick it up for £4.25 was a good find. Mum treated me to a pair of my fav false lashes as they were on offer, buy one get a second pair half price. Mum got the other pair as she has never tried false lashes before and wanted to give them a go.

Finally I got some Aussie shampoo, these were on offer two for £6, I love this brand and tend to stock up when they are on offer. I love the smell!
I also picked up some other little bits like ear plugs (the other half snores and so I need ear plugs) tampax (not that you needed to know that!) and some shampoo for the other half.

So I spent a total of £62.82 but with all the offers and half price things I save £20.76 and since i spent over £50 I got well over £12 worth of points. So I am very pleased with the shopping trip. 

Afterwards we did go to Prezzo, that experience wasn't so great, we were waiting for ages and the food came out cold. 


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  2. Boots advantage card points are so dangerous, I buy all sorts of junk to top my spend up so I get more points, damn those marketeers! Looks like your OHs sis & mum will do well this Xmas though :) x

  3. I love shopping at Boots, look like you got some nice things there! x


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