Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Models Own, Beetlejuice

I came across an exciting piece of news and just had to share this right now!

Models Own are launching a new nail polish collection called Beetlejuice which consists of 5 new duochromes/multi tonal polishes. Look at these amazing specimens. Drool!

This is how Models Own sum up what the new colours in this range are:

''GOLDEN GREEN, a fresh energetic acid; PINKY BROWN, a warm rusty pink; PURPLE BLUE, a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo; AQUA VIOLET, a true sky shimmer; and EMERALD BLACK, a bold-blackened midnight peacock''.

These will be available early November and will cost £5, which is what all their polishes cost (apart from the Pro range which are around £8) and according to Models Own's facebook wall will be available exclusively from their website.

I can't wait to try these out, I love the look of Nubar's duochrome polishes but they are more expensive, £5 seems such a bargain for a 'drugstore' brand.

Picture: From Models Own Facebook wall


  1. Super pretty! I definitely like the middle three =)

  2. oh wow :) the first one looks like the chanel peridot, gotta love a cheaper dupe :) xx

  3. Wow i love the look of these. great post xxx

  4. Gah, I am still drooling, I really hope the affect transfers to the nail and looks as awesome as it does in the bottle. x

  5. I can't wait for these!! They look so fun!!


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