Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Candles, candles, candles

I went shopping and saw that Cargo had a summer sale, they had lots of candles on offer, which is my weakness. I love candles, but also a lot of my friends like them too, so I used this as a good chance to stock up on some birthday and Christmas presents. Here are a few bits i bought for other people:

Cute pink butterfly candle with pebbles!

These were all in the sale, they were all reduced to £2.49 or £2.89 each. 
So these are all for other people, I couldn't not get a couple of goodies for myself! I just got some scented pillar candles.

These were all half price! bargain!

This is my candle set up at home in the living room: I don't have them all lit at the same time, I only light the candles on the top tier, the others on the middle and bottom shelf I keep there and rotate to the top shelf to be burnt at some point! 

Do you like candles? I have heard so much about Candles by Victoria in America, it is a shame there is nothing UK based who make the same pretty and scented candles at a reasonable price.


  1. I love candles, too! The lime green ones with the lotus flowers look so cute!

    I just went to Ikea and bought a bunch of candles. :)

  2. i love candles!! especially the ones that are so decorative they look like works of art in their own right, like these candles i especially love butterflies! :D great purchases
    Jodie x

  3. i love them, the orange with the butterflies is perfect :-D
    it would be a shame to burn it :-(

  4. I also love candles. The butterfly candle is beautiful.

  5. wow!! they're all pretty!! i love them too! :) if i have candles like that i just put them as a display, i don't want to ruin their beautiful designs.. hehe by the way thank you for always stopping by at my blog, you don't know how happy i am, :) thanks again hun! :)

  6. Those are cute but I would feel mean burning the butterflies!

  7. Wow, they all look so pretty! Love the first few ones, very pretty, and I'm guessing, they smell really nice! :)
    I wanted to let you know, that you've been tagged for the new 'As time passes by...' tag over on my blog! :) -
    Great blog post! :)
    Bex XxX

  8. nice candles!! I'm a candle fanatic too!! They mae a room smell so pretty!!

  9. addicted to candles, all these look lovely! :)


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