Friday, 2 September 2011

Bideford water festival 2011 and amazing food

Over the bank holiday weekend it was Bideford water festival, Bideford is a town in North Devon where my parents live, I live about ten mins away in Barnstaple. 

My mum is a Macmillan case worker and so she had a stand at the festival with booklets and she was giving advice and information to anyone who wanted to have a chat. I said to mum that I would come along and help out and keep her company. 

The festival itself had lots of water sports on the river, rowing, gig boat racing, rubber duck racing and sailing. There were lots of food stands too. I had 'the choccy' pancake. A pancake with maltesers, choc sauce, toffee sauce and sugar. It was great but I couldn't eat it all as it was so filling and very sweet.

The pancake bar was my snack with a cup of tea, mum and I then wanted to share some chips and some brie wedges with a sweet chilli dip. Wow, this were just amazing, the cheese was so gooey, they were from the Lush Food Company, there burgers looked amazing too. 

It looks like all I did was eat at the festival! This was a cute noodle stand, I didn't get anything but the food looked great and lots of people were sat on the water's edge chomping away on noodles.

Also, anyone from North Devon will tell you that the best ice cream is hockings! A local family ice cream company who sells their cones and tubes from vans. They have been around since 1936 and their ice cream is just the best ever. 

All in all it was a good day, lots of people in a good mood as the sun was shinning, a few people came to the Macmillan stand which was good. As we were packing the stall up a few spots of rain started coming down......

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  1. That pancake looks amazing!! I'm on a diet but I'd happily break it for that. Or those brie wedges - I love cheese far too much haha!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth


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