Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bundle Monster plates

After buying the dotting tools on Amazon my next purchase was the Bundle Monster 25 piece set, it cost £16.99. I am a fan of Konad but fancied testing out the BM plates to see how they compare. There are lots of awesome designs on their plates, I love the Halloween designs, they have pumpkins, bats, haunted houses. Also there are lots of cute full nail designs.

I used a full nail design from plate BM 222 for my first mani, I painted my nails with two coats of China Glaze Ahoy then stamped using Konad's white special polish.

I really like this intricate design

China Glaze Ahoy is an amazing pink with gold shimmer, it is one of my fav pinks, such a deep colour.

The BM plates were fine to use, the designs seemed to be quite rough to touch on the plate and the actual plates seem to be thinner than the Konad ones. I am going to try out some more designs and see how these come out. I have heard some people saying that they found the BM designs difficult to pick up on the stamper or that they didn't transfer as well as the Konads.

For a first attempt I like the way it has turned out. 


  1. These look fab,Look forward to seeing a few more designs :)

  2. Did you get this plates from amazon uk or the american one:)

  3. Oh wow that is adorable! I agree with Paula, I would love to see more nail designs! :)

  4. Sweet I like the gingerbread guy! And the pumpkin. But I guess those are aimed for xmas and Halloween.....

  5. Aw thanks everyone :-) will definitely try some more in a few days. Beautyshades - I have posted a reply in your Qu on your blog xx

  6. Hey sweetie, I bought MB plates about 3/4 months ago but it looks as though you have different designs Can you like me to the ones you bought because I'd love to get some more - i think there great! XXXX


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