Sunday, 29 May 2011

Why do they discontinue great products?

Why is it when you find a great product after many trial and errors then the company decides to discontinue it?! 

For starters is my absolute favorite facial moisturiser, Biore's Shine Control moisturiser. I have been faithful to this product for years. It was just amazing, it absorbed quickly into my skin and gave a wonderful matt finish. It stopped my face from becoming shiny throughout the day and it was a total bargain at under a fiver. So for the last few months I have searched high and low for another bottle, but could I find one, no!

So I contacted the team at Biore to ask where I could get hold of the product (it is still listed on their website) and this is the reply I got:

Dear Nicole

Thank you for contacting us!

The product you have contacted us about has been discontinued. We have no remaining stock and at this time we do not have a replacement. 

Our company's goal is to provide consumers with a variety of products to meet their needs and preferences. Consumer demand is a major factor, and when the level of demand is insufficient, stores are not likely to carry the product so we usually have to channel our activities to products that can still be provided to you on an ongoing basis.

We do regret taking away one of your favorite products and we hope you will continue to turn to our company for your personal care needs. 

If you have any queries about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us Monday-Friday, 9.00am-6.00pm. Tel: 0800 652 1496.

Yours Sincerely,

Hayley Stokes

Biore Consumer Relations UK

I had this reply the next day which I was impressed with, I didn't expect a response so fast. I am upset they have got rid of a good product without having something else similar to replace it. Oh well, the search continues.

Next up is my all time fav bubble bar from Lush, Flosty Gritter.

It is a bright pink glittery bubble bar, I always break it up in quarters to get at least four uses out of it. I like my products to go a long way!

It smells divine, with hints of sweetness and lavender, it is very soothing and comforting smell. The bubbles it makes even with a small amount of product is impressive too (it also turns the water pink) 
From what I can see, many people loved this bubble bar, so God knows why they have discontinued it. I did contact Lush asking why, I did not receive a response.

What products have been discontinued which you love?

Also on a final note, does anyone remember this chocolate bar?



    secret!!! my mum and I adored that!! I was devastated when they discontinued it and no-one else in the entire world remembers it, haha so strange because when I first read the header of this post I thought of that chocolate.

    maybelline have discontined my dream mousse concealer :( and clinique only bring out my favourite perfume in spring, it sucks!

    as a recommendation you should try the body shop mattifying seaweed lotion. it's fabulous, ye get one with spf15 and one without. i use the one with spf, i'm onto my second tube now.


  2. I remember secret and I loved it! It was like a long chocolate nest with gooey yumminess in the middle!

    It's horrible when they discontinue a beauty product you really like - if you find some you'll have to stock up. Keep an eye out in discount shops like savers or in pound shops and it will probably pop up eventually as someone will have bought up the remaining stock xx


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