Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ring Bling

I did a post a while back on my fav bracelets, so I thought I would do the same for my most loved rings. I would not wear them all at the same time, I have wore a different ring on each finger just for the purpose of the photos. 

From left to right, silver cubic zirconia from Exeter airport duty free £15. In the middle is a silver ring with a blue glass stone £12 in the sale from a small shop near me home. The green ring on my pointer finger was a gift from my mum which she bought from Malta for me.

On my pinky is a white gold diamond band, it is very thin and slightly misshapen, I was given this one by a boyfriend at the age of 18. The next is a silver ring with a light purple stone, then finally a silver ring with a cubic zirconia stone.

Next up is an Argos ring, I think it was about £20, it is a silver dress ring. Then next is a multi coloured stone set on a silver band with an unusual twist. I love the way this catches the light, all the colours are amazing.

Next is my engagement ring, white gold setting with three diamonds, I need to get it resized as it seems to big for me now....

Next up is a ring which belonged to my grandmother on my mums side, one of the stones is missing though.

This topaz and white gold ring was a gift from my fiance for Christmas 2010, the next is a tanzanite and diamond white gold ring, another gift from my fiance. The final ring was £5 in the sale from Marks and Spencer.

Thanks for reading, do you wear rings? what kind are your favs?


  1. beautiful rings! I love the gem stone Tanzanite, that being said I do not wear rings mostly bracelets and necklaces

  2. Some of those are really pretty, especially those chunky dress rings. I only own 2 rings, one of which is my engagement ring. I'm more of an earring person :)

  3. gorgeous rings, i really love the silver cubic zirconia in the first picture, thats my sort of ring. I have a few expensive white gold ones my boyfriend bought me, but I prefer to wear my silver ones like this. Ones with pink stones are my fav :) xxx

  4. i really like the green one that your mom bought you, and that last one too. very elegant! :)

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  5. Wow, you have some lovely rings. I only have a few, and the only one I wear regularly is one my Mr. gave to me for our 10th wedding anniversary.

  6. All the rings are very pretty :) thanks for sharing. New follower by the way! Great blog ^ ^


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